Video - i-Box: The One-Two Punch Aerobic Boxing Workout DVD


Not for the fainthearted, this video will take you through an exhausting aerobic workout. Personal trainers and boxing instructors, Andy Dumas and Jamie Somerville, teach you basic boxing footwork and punches in a high-energy aerobic workout. Approx. 60 minutes. Also available on VHS.


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This is the first title in Balazs Boxing's i-Box Series. Featuring a grueling aerobic boxing workout, hosts Andy and Jamie Dumas bring you a 45 minute calorie burning party! You'll be walked through the basics and marched right into an awesome routine. Whether you are a beginner or already a fitness boxing enthusiast, Andy and Jamie will have you hooked on the one two punch of a boxers workout! DVD covers the following: Basic Punches, Combinations, Advanced Cominations Skipping Rope, Plyometrics, Step work Includes cool down and stretch routine Excellent calorie-burning workout! Features muscle toning punch combinations Features an ”ab flattening” abdominal routine

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