When selecting a heavy bag, there are many variables that need to be considered—

Do you want a hanging bag or a freestanding bag?

Hanging bags may mount to the wall or ceiling or to a bag stand. Click here to see our wall and ceiling mounting options. Click here to see our bag stand options.

Freestanding bags, on the other hand, stand alone. Their bases may be filled with sand or water. Click here to see our many freestanding bags.

What sort of filling is best?

Heavy bags may have a thick synthetic foam filler for shock absorbency, while others are filled with shredded rags and sand. These bags have a more solid feel and provide a lot of resistance.

Still other manufacturers offer heavy bags that may be filled with water. Water-filled bags are much easier on your hands and wrists, in fact your whole body, than a traditional bag because the water helps to absorb the impact of your punch, however, it still provides a great workout. An added bonus is that because the bag is shipped unfilled, it is much less expensive to send.

Should you get an unfilled bag? If so, what should you fill it with?

An unfilled bag is a good alternative, especially for international customers, who do not want to pay the high cost of shipping a pre-filled bag. The bag is filled with bits of rag or other soft material and small bags of sand for added weight. Pre-filled bags are hydraulically stuffed, so you will not be able to achieve this if you fill the bag by hand. However, we have not had an unfilled bag returned. We recommend talking to your local fabric shop to see if they have anything you can use for filler. Click here to view our selection of unfilled heavy bags.

What size bag should you get?

Heavy bags range from 25 pounds to 200+ pounds. You want to have a bag that is sufficiently heavy to not move around too much while you are pummeling it. For the average person, a bag in the range of 70-100 pounds should be heavy enough. Most gyms, fitness centers and health clubs prefer 100-150 pound bags to accommodate extensive use.

What type of outer covering should you choose?

The covering really depends on your budget and expected use. A leather bag will last longer than either a synthetic or canvas bag, but is more than twice the price. For the home user or commercial club that is unsure how much use the bag will get, we suggest a synthetic bag. We recommend a synthetic covering over a canvas one because the synthetic bag is much easier to clean and resists mildew. For professional, military or heavy commercial use we suggest a professional leather bags. If your budget can afford it, you may want to opt for the professional bags which are the most durable.

Click here to view our selection of heavy bags.