Speed bags are pear-shaped bags that hang from a solid platform. Click here to see examples of speed bag platforms.

Speed bags are great for developing coordination. So what kind should you get?

The size of the speed bag determines how fast it will be. Smaller speed bags require more coordination and skill.

If you are a beginner, you may want to start with a larger bag until you learn the rhythm. We recommend a middle-sized bag for beginners. When starting out, don't fill the bag all the way (the bag is slower with less air). Practice for a while and as your skill increases, add more air to the bag to speed it up.

Intermediates and experts will probably want a smaller bag. The smaller the bag, the faster it rebounds-the harder it is to hit.

Double-End striking bags are round and secured to both the floor and ceiling. DE striking bags may be used for punching and kicking, bobbing and weaving.

Speed Bags and Striking Bags are usually made of durable high quality leather.

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