The following instructions are for right-handed boxers. Left-handed boxers should reverse their hands and feet.

Step 1:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Step 2:

Move your left foot towards your right foot so that your left toes meet your right toes at an angle. This may seem difficult at first. Your feet may end up being staggered, which could cause you to forget about keeping your hips forward. With practice, this stance will feel more and more natural.

Step 3:

With your left foot, Step forward approximately twelve to fifteen inches. The toes of your left (front) foot should be pointed between 12 and 2 o'clock. Raise the heel of your right (back) foot slightly off the floor. Your right toes should also be pointed between 12 and 2.

Step 4:

Check your stance. Your hips should be level, even though your feet are a bit staggered. Always keep your hips directly under your shoulders and directly over a midpoint between your feet. Your body should always work as a solid unit.

Step 5:

Raise your left hand to cheek level. Your palm should be facing your face. When making a fist, close your hand so that the tips of your fingers touch your palms. Rest your thumb against the knuckle of your middle finger.

Step 6:

Carry your right hand at chin level, again with your palm facing you. Make sure that you do not bring your shoulders back up around your ears.

Some things to remember:

When in your stance, keep the heel of your back foot slightly off the floor. Distribute your weight equally between both feet. Do not tip forward onto the balls of your feet. If you feel yourself doing this, distribute more of your weight down through your arches and heels. Make sure to keep your elbows in, pressed against your body. Always remember to breathe deeply—from your diaphragm.