This punch has many purposes:

  1. Increase the distance between you and your opponent.
  2. Use it to set up other punches and punch combinations.
  3. Or, use the jab simply as a solid blow to your opponent's face.

Step 1:

(The jab is always thrown with your forward hand) Shift most of your weight onto your right (back) leg. This assists in counterbalancing your body when you throw the punch.

Step 2:

Fully extend your arm. Just before your fist/glove strikes the target, rotate your hand so that your thumb is facing the floor. Remember to keep your wrists straight to avoid injury. Also, keep your elbow slightly flexed at the point of impact (otherwise, you might hyperextend it).

Step 3:

Return your arm back to your body. Remember, the punch always remains on one plane-throw and retract your punch without weaving up or down or side to side.

Step 4:

Do not allow your shoulders to lead. This may cause you to bend at the waist when making your punch. Keep your shoulders back.

Step 5:

When throwing your jab, keep your muscles slightly tensed. Anchor your punch by contracting your back and butt muscles.

It is important that the movement of your feet coincides with the movement and placement of your punch. Properly Stepping with the jab will ensure that your punch is effective.

Some things to remember:

When punching with your left hand, step forward with your left foot. As your foot contacts the floor, your arm should reach its full extension. (Remember to keep your elbow flexed when throwing this punch.)

At this point, your weight is primarily distributed to your right leg. Now, you have invaded your opponent's space and delivered a punch to their face.

After completing the punch, return your arm to its position level with your left cheek. Bring your rear foot up so that your feet are in their correct, original stance, slightly more than shoulder width apart.