Step 1:

After wrapping your hands, put on a suitable pair of bag gloves. Gloves will help absorb the shock of your punches and protect your hands from abrasion.

Step 2:

Extend your arm so that your glove touches the heavy bag. Determine your reach or your punching distance. Execute a jab. As the arm is extended the glove should be in tight contact with the bag. Repeat a few times to become comfortable with the feel.

Remember the following when striking the heavy bag:


  1. Clench your fists.
  2. Make sure your wrists are straight.
  3. Keep your elbows slightly flexed
  4. Turn with your shoulders
  5. Twist at the waist
  6. Push with your hips and toes
  7. Keep your knees bent

Step 3:

Focus and hit in the center of the bag. Each time you throw a punch, exhale. This will help regulate your breathing and give you some extra mmphh! Many athletes believe that exhaling makes it less likely to get your wind knocked out.

Step 4:

Watch as the bag moves away and hit it directly and quickly as it returns to you. Mix up the straight punches, a few jabs and then a straight right. Always try to punch through the heavy bag, rather than at it.

Step 5:

Next, add movement and more power.

Step into the punches and step out. The glove hand moves forward as the front foot moves forward. The glove returns back to the shoulder as the back foot returns back.

Step 6:

Now have a plan and mix it up a bit. Move around, slip and throw a few jabs to determine your reach and target area. Move in closer to the bag and throw hooks and uppercuts.