The purpose of a speed bag is to improve hand-eye coordination. When using the speed bag, it is important to wear hand wraps or bag gloves to protect your hands.

Step 1:

Make sure that the positioning of the speed bag is adjusted for your height. The bottom of the bag should be level with the bottom of your chin. Usually, speed bag platforms are easily adjustable. Address the speed bag square with the body, both fists up and in front of the face. This is the one time you do not have to be in the boxer's stance.


Step 2:

To perform a backhand punch, hit the lower part of the striking bag with the side of your fist (near your little finger).


Step 3:

The bag will swing back, hit the backboard, come forward, hit the backboard, swing back, and hit the backboard. When the bag comes forward again, strike it with a backhand or straight punch. This may seem tricky at first, but be patient and eventually, you will master the rhythm.

Step 4:

Repeat striking the bag with the PUNCH-1-2-3 rhythm, keeping both hands up by the face. Work with one fist, then the other, taking the arm through a circular motion. As you punch faster tighten up this circular range of motion that the arm goes through. practice hitting the bag with your other hand. Once you feel comfortable,


Step 5:

The most important thing is to be patient. When first starting, the speed bag will probably go all over the place. If it goes in circles, try hitting it softer. If it is barely moving, simply strike it harder. Eventually, you will get a feel for the bag and be able to speed up your punches and alternate between hands. It's all a matter of timing.


Some things to remember:

If the bag is moving too fast, try a larger-sized bag or let some air out of the bladder to slow it down.