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The Balazs Lightning Gyro Speed Bag

“The Same, But Different ”

The Speed Bag world was changed many years ago when Everlast introduced their “Gyro Balanced” speed bags.  The world focused on the 4200 series, and it became the “Chevrolet” of speed bags.  Good bag, reasonable cost, and serviceable.  With amusement, they were called “Gyro Balanced”, but there was not a gyroscope around for many miles - - just a slick advertising term – that worked.  They were made of tough grain leather, super stiff loops, panels of different sizes, and had welting between the panels that were raised to scrape your knuckles into a pink hue.  There was the 4200, 4201, 4202, 4204 and 4213 just to name a few.

Unfortunately, they fell by the wayside and were discontinued about 12 years ago.    They have been knocked off by several companies without much change - - until now that is.

Introducing the Balazs “Gyro” Balanced Speed Bag Family:

  1. Yup, fully “Gyro” Balanced exactly as has been done for 30 years.
  2. Replaceable rubber bladder.
  3. Balazs “Super Valve” for holding air.
  4. Top Grain Leather for super smooth and controlled strikes.
  5. Die stamped leather panels, all of the exact same size for balance.
  6. No welting at the seams to throw your strike off, or scrape your knuckles.
  7. Tight Top Loop, for excellent rebounds and control.
  8. Light-weight for crisp response.
  9. Any color you want  - - as long as it’s Black.
  10. Any size you want:
    BS4204 - 5 x 8 Peanut
    BS4200 - 6 x 9 Small  
    BS4201 - 7 x10 Medium 
    BS4202 - 8 x 11 Large
  11.  Cost: $79

You gotta rock one of these –



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