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Track Systems


Creating a dedicated room for boxing or kickboxing classes can be expensive.   A multi-purpose space is ideal—but punching bags are heavy and awkward to handle and time consuming to hang and store on a daily basis.


Let a custom-designed Balazs®  Ultra-Track® System be the solution.  The Balazs® Track System transforms any room into a boxing studio in a matter of seconds.  Heavy bags glide effortlessly through the room from storage area to workout area and back. 


The Balazs® Ultra-Track® System consists of ceiling-mounted track and movable trolleys that suspend heavy bags.  A centrally located switch operates a  set of brakes in each trolley that either locks the trolley in position or allows the bag to roll freely along the track.


Design the layout of the track to meet your facility’s needs.  The ceiling mounted tracks can bend around corners and extend into closets to hide bags when not in use.  Whether you are deploying one bag, or a whole room full, the Balazs® Ultra-Track® System is the perfect solution. 


Contact us to create the layout that works best for you.


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