Balazs UBS - 1 Station - Heavy Bag Stand


The Balazs UBS1H Heavy Bag Stand is perfect for any home gym or fitness center. Unlike other heavy bag stands, the UB1H doesn’t need any additional weights to hold it down. The ample footprint allows for the full motion of a true heavy bag workout. The welded steel construction can support up to a 300 lb punching bag. This heavy bag stand is used by professionals and enthusiasts around the world. It is a no limits boxing stand. You do not have to compromise your workout, your technique, or your desire for a quality product. If you have ever been disappointed by the claims of other heavy bag stands, the Balazs UBS1H will be a refreshing change.

Made in our own shops in the USA.

Footprint: 68”x44” Height: 95” ( Custom heights are available)

Heavy bag sold separately. Perfect for any room. Totally freestanding. Holds one heavy bag. No extra weights are needed for support. It can fit up to a 6 ft long punching bag. It can support up to 300 lb. It can be upgraded with a Speed Bag Platform or more Punching Bags.

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