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Balazs has created a comfort revolution in women's chest protection—the Exoflex™. Its compression resistant cups flex as they meet your torso, creating the comfortable Exoflex™ fit. The unique flexible material is strong enough to support the weight of a 15-pound dumbbell while conforming to the curves of your body.  No one, including us, can promise protection against an impact injury from active sports like Boxing, Lacrosse, Basketball, etc., but the Exoflex Bra gives an added measure of protection.

The Exoflex's protective layer is sewn into a cotton/Lycra™ sports bra. Having no rigid removable parts, the Exoflex moves as one with your body, gently dispersing the force of impacts away from the breast area to prevent chafing, pinching and discomfort.

For an active lifestyle, and to add an extra measure of impact protection, the Exoflex supports you —with all the comfort of your favorite bra.

Use the chart below to determine your Exoflex Size based on your normal cup and chest size. For example, if you are a 34C, your Exoflex Size is 34M.

They fit tight, so if in doubt, order the next larger chest size.  Each includes an extender to use as needed.

Exoflex Sizing Chart
32 34 36 38
A 32S 34S 36M
B 32S 34M 36M 38L
C 32M 34M 36L 38X
D 34L 36X 38X

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