Wrecking Ball


There are lots of views on punching bags, but if you'd like one you can do everything with, it's the Balazs Wrecking Ball. Punch it, Uppercut it, Kick it, Dodge it, Spin Kick it, - nearly anything you can think of. Hand stitched, hand cut, hand stuffed,— it is the quality only Balazs gives you. Made of nylon reinforced vinyl coated canvas with four 1200 lb ”D” rings that are double layered and comes with 1200 lb Heavy Duty Chain and Swivel with a 2' Extension top, this bag is totally top shelf. It will likely be the most expensive bag on the market and is worth it. Commercial gyms, or private users that demand only the best — Balazs — ”When You're Serious”.

Weight: 80 lbs.
Color: Black
Size: 21” wide x 21” wide x 24” tall


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