Generally, there are two types of gloves that boxers and fitness boxers use-boxing gloves and bag gloves

Boxing gloves are typically used for sparring. However, many people choose to wear boxing gloves to add additional weight to their aerobic or kickboxing workout programs. Boxing gloves range from 10-20 oz, and the weight of the glove will determine the intensity of your workout.

For professional and amateur bouts, boxers tend to use 10 oz gloves. However, they prefer to train with heavier gloves to increase arm strength.

Boxing gloves may be constructed of many different materials. The outer cover may be made of top-grain leather (the highest quality) or similar synthetic leather materials (generally less expensive). Most gloves are lined with cotton material and hand stuffed with shock-absorbing foam and/or wool blends.

Most boxing gloves have a thumb-lock feature that prevents accidental gouging of an opponent's eye. Boxing gloves have varying wrist closures. They may be laced, laceless with elastic and/or Velcro or any combination of these. For workouts, athletes prefer the elastic and Velcro gloves, which allow them to easily take the gloves on and off.

Boxing gloves are available in youth sizes also.

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