Step 1:

To throw a right uppercut, start in the classic boxing stance with the back (right) knee bent. Lower the right shoulder to drop the right side of the body in a semi-crouch position. Remember to keep the left fist up by the chin to protect the head.

Step 2:

Now as you rotate the hips forward, push the ball of the back foot, (the right foot), and punch the right fist up towards the target. The right side of the back and the right shoulder will follow through with the rotation of the hips.

Step 3:

The hips finish being squared to the front. The right arm always stays close to the body and moves upward in a semi-circle. For the most effective and powerful punch, keep the elbow bent at a right angle during the delivery and follow through.

Step 4:

Uppercuts to the body will cause the opponent's body to fall forward. Step away slightly and complete the combination with another uppercut to the head.

Some things to remember:

When practicing this punch stay close to the target. If the punch is thrown from the outside, the opponent will be able to easily detect that the punch is coming and counter with an effective straight punch. An uppercut from the outside also loses some of its power because the arm is no longer bent at the elbow and cannot effectively transfer the total body's force in the upward movement.