Medicine Balls

419,35 $ US

Balazs Medicine Balls are simply the best. Top grain cow leather, fully stitched, and balanced - these balls will give years of service, not months like the cheap balls. Just try the feel - you will not find outside laces to get in your way or come loose - ours are fully stitched for a seamless feel and assurance of balance. They are double polyester and latex lined - ask a competitor if their balls are lined at all. You will not find ours filled with fine sand and cotton fillers because doing that makes them settle and get way out of shape and balance. Ours are filled with dried, small sized non-compacting inert material for consistency and to maintain shape over the long haul. As is typical with Balazs products - we make them to meet the rigors of your toughest day, and to transmit an image of you caring to use and offer the very best.


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