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24" i-Box - this drum comes standard equipment on all model 433 i-Box Speed Bag Platforms. It is the very best drum available that is made of manufactured pressed wood. The term manufactured pressed wood can give off the wrong feeling to the speed bag world, but we make this one very special. It is ultra high density. It gives great rebounds, and it is low cost. Then we finish it with fine sanding, perfect pre-drilling, and three coats of protective sealant for a life-time of great workouts. $96.00 

24" Maple - this 24" diameter drum comes standard equipment on all three Pro-Models. It is solid Maple Hardwood which we kiln dry to perfection, then meticulously cut into 1 ¾" strips, and laminate back together under ultra-high compression for the most perfect "butcher-block" drum you've ever used. Then we finish it with multiple coats top-of-line poly-urethane finish, over and over for a beautiful, protected end result. If you want, you can add this drum to an i-Box Speed Bag Platform to move the i-Box experience up near the Pro-Level performance, and it will come with the hardware to mount it to your platform and the hardware to re-mount your swivel too! $230.00

30" Maple - OK, now you're at the tippy-top of performance. This is the 30" diameter version of the 24" Maple drum described above. Killer performance, in the largest diameter you can fit, for the least vibration and the best rebounds. It is the most popular drum in the world. And will only fit the Pro Models. (Will not fit on an i-Box)  $290.00


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DRUM - 24" i*Box
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