Body Shield

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The Balazs Body Shield has been designed for performance.

The large 25” x 14” target area is ideal to catch any flurry of punches and kicks. The 5” thick layered foam padding will absorb the shock of any Herculean effort and keep you working out all day. Holding on to the shield has never been easier with our 2” wide nylon forearm straps and handle. These straps are made from high tensile seat-belt material - it would take more than a car wreck to rip this shield out of your hands. Durable cover made from 18 oz nylon canvas with viny rubber coating. Nylon straps for secure grip. Easy to clean and wipe down.

Essential equipment for boxing/ kickboxing practice Perfect for practicing all kicks and punches Forearm and hand grips for secure hold 5” Thick Shock Absorbing Foam

Large  25” x 14” target.

Size: 5” x 14” x 25”.



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