Speed Bag Swivel - Balazs Pro Level 7 - Lightening


This swivel is the "Cats Meow".   It takes the ever-so-popular Level 3 Swivel used on all of our Pro Model platforms, and spins it up to ultra high precision.  First, it is still a quick-change with the hair-pin cotter and cross pin, then add a quick disconnect at the wood, precision sealed ball bearings, totally machined stainless steel, and poof, you have the ultimate in smooth action, quiet action, precision returns, and the best performance you can get. 

We call it the Lightening because it never impedes the speed at which you desire to bag.  Go as slow as you want, or as fast as you want - - this Swivel is of such high precision that it won't show you any difference.  Remember:  all precisioned and machined stainless.  Try one !!   Open the package, use it, if not totally satisfied right away, give us a shout - we guarantee you will be happy.


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